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Swedish Massage

     Improve body circulation of the blood and lymph. Light to medium Pressure is applied.

      Various strokes are performed to release your  muscle tension.

      Massages muscle bundles and kneads entire whole body where is stiffness existing.


Deep Tissue

      Remove adhesion and helpful for the chromic tensions.

      Pressure will be applied deep and hard as requests.

      Lower back, middle back or upper traps tension used to treat with deep tissue massage.



Shiatsu Massage

      Oriental manual therapy which is literally performed by thumbs.

      Pressure is variable from light to hard.

      Verticlal pressure or circular pressure can help you release of tension and adhesion.

      Shiatsu uses accupressure points.


Sports Massage

      Help your muscles and joints. Fit for all type of sports activity which causes tension.

      Sports massage focus on the muscle tension which might limits joint mobility and ROM.

      Various stretches and muscle strokes and pressure are combined to give the best results.

      Good for post-sports activity for relaxation or pre- to enhance of muscular flexibility.